Design department and R&D


  • A supplier who is able to handle all the different phases of your project.
  • Design department with 3D/2D design
    Our CAD equipment associated with the latest design techniques means we can provide you with a detailed feasibility study of your products.
    In order to follow the different stages of your product development we work with a Product Development Sheet system. These documents are given to you at the beginning of our process and summarise all the main points of your project.
  • Functional and aesthetic analysis looking into production feasibility as well as industrialisation costings.
  • Taking into account your product specifications, your technical, functional, aesthetic and environmental constraints, a project leader will follow your project through the different development phases :
  • 3D and 2D design and conceptualisation / technical drawings & plans
  • Creation of product development sheet : FDP
  • Project schedule and planning
  • Creation of product quality analysis file : DAQP
  • Consultation with our material analysis and product prototyping department if necessary
  • Technical feasibility study and manufacturing of die-heads and production tooling

A range of departments working with you to launch your product.

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