Plastic tubing, plastic tubing cores, PP tubing, PVC tubing , transparent tubing, … we can manufacture the type of tubing that you need.

With a wide experience in this field, ABI Profils can manufacture the product that corresponds to your diverse requirements, whatever your activity.

Our tooling catalogue has several hundred references and means we are able to reply to your enquiries quickly.

  • Small and large diameter tubing (ext : Ø 4 mm. 130 mm.)
  • Flexible or rigid tubing
  • Very thick or very thin tubing
  • Opaque or transparent tubing
  • Coloured or natural tubing
  • Single or multi material tubing
  • Tubing with any geometrical shape and any width
  • Medium and large production runs

ABI PROFILS has positioned itself as a premier supplier in the extrusion of technical plastic tubing for a range of activity sectors with diverse applications.

ABI Profils : The know-how for your innovation !