Tooling manufacturing


We take care of the design and manufacturing of the different tools and die-heads necessary to manufacture your product. ABI Profils brings together know-how and expertise to take care of the study and manufacturing of all types of tools for plastic PVC, PP, PE, PA, ABS, PC profiles and tubing as well as more technical products especially in coextrusion or post extrusion (multi-material).

By taking into account your constraints right from the beginning with the functional analysis, we are able to handle the full industrialisation process:

  • 3D/2D tooling design with customer validation of drawings and plans
  • Choice of steels, materials and components for tooling
  • Manufacture of tooling and additional stages (machining)
  • Production adaptation and compliance implementation at industrialisation stage
  • Continuous technical improvement in the quality and performance of your products
  • Preventative maintenance and tracking sheet for your tooling
  • Management and traceability of the condition of your tooling products


ABI Profils : The know-how for your innovation !