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Very good impact resistance Good resistance to chemical agents Extreme Transparency
Excellent fire resistance Excellent outdoor performance Easy to print
Easy to stick and weld Food approval

Edge-to-edge junction profiles for glass partitions

The IDJ are intended for the edge-to-edge junction of polished glass partition (preferably). Constituted with the most elaborate materials, the IDJ range offers an optimized quality and an ease of assembly. The adhesive solution proposed on the method of attachment, will meet all functional and aesthetic constraints bound to the addition and the junction of partition walls without crossbars.

  • IDJ – «I» (L10 – L12 – L15)
  • IDJ – «90°» (L10 – L12)
  • IDJ – «3D» (L10 – L12)
  • IDJ – «Multi purpose linking» (L10 – L12)
  • IDJ – «90° protection» (L10 – L12)
  • IDJ – «135°» (L10 – L12)

Adhesive power :

– Sustainable and resistant fastening  even on materials – with characteristics of particular surfaces.
– Solvent free: compatible with all  of the PVB films.

Constraints dissipation :

– The adhesive has a remarkable capacity to compensate the static, dynamic and temperature constraints during the lifecycle of a component.
– The viscosity allows the constraints dissipation and guarantees a safe binding.
– The extreme temperature variations are tolerated even with materials with different elongation rate.

Temperature and weathering resistance :

– Very good resistance to different weather conditions.
– The oxidation resistance of the fully saturated carbon chain is the basis of acrylates used on the adhesive.
– The special chemical solution entails an excellent temperature resistance.

  • Range : IDJ
  • Recommended material : co polyester
  • Appearance : very high transparency
  • Specificity : Double sided tape
  • STD cutting length : 3000 mm (+/-2)
  • Specific length : on demand
  • Cut Type : straightforward, without rough edges
  • Geometric standard : standard NFT58000 CL normal
  • Packaging : 50 pieces  / Closed PS tube
  • Produced in compliance with the REACH directive